Morning routine

Picture say’s it all #mymorningroutine Need I say more 🌼 What’s your morning routine? Sending love and light to all…

Loving who we are

In order to love anyone we need to first love ourselves. We go through so many things in our lives, some good and some not so good. These are the experiences of our life and shape us in becoming the person we are right now in this moment.

Cheating is a choice not a mistake

It’s such a common thing in today’s day and age. Or maybe it’s just more open in today’s day and age as compared to the day’s of our parents and grand parents. When two people come together and decide to get married, this is an extremely important life decision, you can’t decide to get married because … Continue reading Cheating is a choice not a mistake

Right Life Partner

What is a perfect relationship? Does this even exists?Personally I don’t think it does. Fairytales are books writen with perfect beginnigs and endings. They don’t happen that way in real like though. I know couples that have hurt each other so much during the younger years but now they the happiest of and closest of people. My … Continue reading Right Life Partner


This is not an easy experience. Being told you not right for this job, being told you not the right person for someone you like, applying to the colledge of your dreams and getting that letter that say’s sorry you have not being accepted. REJECTION comes in all forms and we all go through it. Some … Continue reading Rejection

Having a good support structure

Both in our personal and professional life support is so important. In our personal life and home life we need the support of our family this is so important and when it’s not there, the choices we make becomes a bit harder to make than it would have been had we had the support of our … Continue reading Having a good support structure

Love being a Mom

The hardest job in the world is by far being a parent, being a mom. From the moment this little human is born, they are your responsibility to enable and help them become who they are meant to become and achieve what they need to achieve. My daughter is truly is the most remarkable human being I have ever met … Continue reading Love being a Mom