Life timeout, from our norm. Everyday we get accustomed to following a certain routine. We become set in doing things a certain way. Eventually it does become the norm. We do detour at times, but most often it’s a set way of what we do and how we do it. From working, to being a parent or … Continue reading Timeout

We all have our own manual of life

Everyone has there own perception and way of thinking that this is how something should be, this is how one’s life should flow. Many a times people try and pass this off as this is the way things should work. It’s almost as if they have this manual of life with instructions, and somehow you … Continue reading We all have our own manual of life

Loving ourselves

So many times we place so much expectations on ourselves.We have to achieve a degree, we have to work for a big corporate company, buy a house, get married at a certain again, start a family. Whose expectations are these?   We all different, and that difference makes each and everyone one of us unique. So don't … Continue reading Loving ourselves

Making Life’s Decisions

The fact that you have something to decide about is often a sign that you have already decided, but you seeking the assurance that this decision is the right one. We often find ourselves in this situation so many times in our life, weather it’s the decision to start a relationship, to start a family … Continue reading Making Life’s Decisions

What is it that I want

Ever just sat and asked yourself this question!!I think the answer to this questions changes as we grow, when I was younger as compared to now this answer has evolved and changed so completely. The younger me would have answered I want to have a great career, travel the world,  I think deep down it was … Continue reading What is it that I want

Cheating is a choice not a mistake

It’s such a common thing in today’s day and age. Or maybe it’s just more open in today’s day and age as compared to the day’s of our parents and grand parents. When two people come together and decide to get married, this is an extremely important life decision, you can’t decide to get married because … Continue reading Cheating is a choice not a mistake

Right Life Partner

What is a perfect relationship? Does this even exists?Personally I don’t think it does. Fairytales are books writen with perfect beginnigs and endings. They don’t happen that way in real like though. I know couples that have hurt each other so much during the younger years but now they the happiest of and closest of people. My … Continue reading Right Life Partner


This is not an easy experience. Being told you not right for this job, being told you not the right person for someone you like, applying to the colledge of your dreams and getting that letter that say’s sorry you have not being accepted. REJECTION comes in all forms and we all go through it. Some … Continue reading Rejection

Priority and Option

This happens so often in so many different places in our lives. We give others the authority to become so important to us. What they say and do affects us so much. We allow this, we allow them to have an impact on us why? Why do we give others this priority in our lives when … Continue reading Priority and Option


If there is one thing we all know for sure is that we cannot go back in time unless ofcourse we have managed to a build a time machine 😁.So I always beleive that to have regret is one of the worst feelings to have becuase you can’t go back and change things. If it’s … Continue reading HAVING REGRET