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Being grateful

I have started reading the book the The Magic, it’s a different kind of book, in the sense that it requires some work for 28 days. But it’s a good book.  Everyday I need to write 10 things I am grateful for and why… Continue Reading “Being grateful”

What is it that I want

Ever just sat and asked yourself this question!! I think the answer to this questions changes as we grow, when I was younger as compared to now this answer has evolved and changed so completely.  The younger me would have answered I want to… Continue Reading “What is it that I want”

Positive Energy, feeling it, embracing it and living it

It’s that feeling, that emotion, that anticipation that good is happening, good is going to happen. It’s that feeling that makes you feel like you just can’t stop smiling, that positive energy is radiating in all you do and are.  I often hear people… Continue Reading “Positive Energy, feeling it, embracing it and living it”

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