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My blessings may be anothers curse

Ever really thought of this. Sometimes we achieve something and get the recognition for it and get the promotion for it, but there is also someone else who works equally as hard, achieves the same, but maybe on this particular day and this particular… Continue Reading “My blessings may be anothers curse”

Being grateful

I have started reading the book the The Magic, it’s a different kind of book, in the sense that it requires some work for 28 days. But it’s a good book.  Everyday I need to write 10 things I am grateful for and why… Continue Reading “Being grateful”

During the pandemic

image from https://patcegan.wordpress.com/2014/03/29/which-way/fork-in-the-road/

There is so much happenening during this time.  For some of us it’s just a normal work from home, with the addition of having to do remote learning and yes it’s hard, but it’s manageable and I am sure by now we have found… Continue Reading “During the pandemic”

Finding Gratitude

Waking up each and every day in it self should make us feel so grateful that we have another day to start again and reach our goals and fulfill our purpose.  Feeling gratitude is something so simple but yet we sometimes forget to take that… Continue Reading “Finding Gratitude”

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