Minds matters

How true is this? Sometimes it’s all in our mind and we are our own worst enemy. Stop!!! Why not stop being so hard on yourself give yourself a break you deserve it!!!!! Sending love and light…


I love journalling it’s a great way to express your feelings and emotions, when you actually sit and take the time to write down what you feel and what you are going through to write out your deepest emotions, it helps, it’s helps you to make sense and also to realise things about yourself that … Continue reading Journalling


If there is one thing we all know for sure is that we cannot go back in time unless ofcourse we have managed to a build a time machine 😁.So I always beleive that to have regret is one of the worst feelings to have becuase you can’t go back and change things. If it’s … Continue reading HAVING REGRET

Stop being Afraid of what could go wrong

Why is it that even though we know we can accomoplish and achieve our dream and reach our goal that we always doubt and have that underlying feeling, THAT SOMETHING COULD GO WRONG. I know that no matter how strong I thought my faith was during certain times in my life I have felt that what … Continue reading Stop being Afraid of what could go wrong

Is your life precious to you

So often we find ourselves in this situation where we struggle to find our balance, we have so much happening in our lives.We all go through this, when for some reason work or home becomes so overwhelming and we get so frustrated, we take it out on everyone and everything, willingly or not this is … Continue reading Is your life precious to you

Change, they say’s it’s as good as a HOLIDAY

Sometimes change is such a hard concept for us, as we become so used to doing things a certain way, behaving in this manner or reacting to situations in this way. We have taught ourselves to behave in a certain way, to create stability or so we think. Change is part of life, we all change … Continue reading Change, they say’s it’s as good as a HOLIDAY