Be more selfish – happy Monday

Sometimes we worry so much about others about doing what is right about following rules set out by others. It’s time we make our own rules, it’s time we think about ourselves. Do what makes u happy today be a little selfish!!! Sending love and light to all..

Wednesday motivations – Just breath and let go!!

Sending love and light to all….

Heartfelt Thursday Motivation

This is so true. When our hearts are full of love, our life and everything around us becomes joyful, happy and lovable. We see the goodness in everything. We more willing and able to accept that we deserve this happiness. We appreciate it and are so thankful for this heartfelt love and joy we feel. … Continue reading Heartfelt Thursday Motivation

Mighty Monday Inspirations

Believe with all you heart, with all you might and your belief will make it come through to you. Happy Monday all, it’s the start of a new week a new beginning make it count for you. Sending love and light to all…

Self-care=Self-love=Happy Self

Some self care for a fantabulous Friday. What’s your self care routines? Sending love and light..

Minds matters

How true is this? Sometimes it’s all in our mind and we are our own worst enemy. Stop!!! Why not stop being so hard on yourself give yourself a break you deserve it!!!!! Sending love and light…

Fabulous Friday Quote

Having the right mental attitude is so important so today my message is believe in yourself have faith in what you want to do and how you want to do it. Set your mind and let nothing change it’s path… Focus on you. Always remember you can only control yourself don’t look at another for … Continue reading Fabulous Friday Quote

My blessings may be anothers curse

Ever really thought of this. Sometimes we achieve something and get the recognition for it and get the promotion for it, but there is also someone else who works equally as hard, achieves the same, but maybe on this particular day and this particular time, in this place and with this person you did something … Continue reading My blessings may be anothers curse

Receiving what you want but not accepting as it’s not wrapped the way you expect

So often we ask for something, we pray for it, we work towards it we speak to the universe and we project all our energy into asking for something that we want. And then it comes to us but it’s not exactly in the way we wanted it to be or expected it to be, but … Continue reading Receiving what you want but not accepting as it’s not wrapped the way you expect

The Realisation

With so much uncertainty that surrounds us all, what is to come with the covid-19, on realisation that I have is that life as we once knew it will never be the same.Shaking someone's hand which was normal or giving a hug to to those we love or those that needed it, this is all what we are … Continue reading The Realisation