Afraid, Scared, Hesitant

These are feelings and emotions each of us have felt at one point in our life’s journey. Looking back at one of my most fearful moments, I decided to take the plunge so to say leaving my home relocating to another city with no family, no support just the unknown ahead. Turns out that decision … Continue reading Afraid, Scared, Hesitant

Confidence – Fear Not

This saying just just caught my eye this morning… Sometimes we allow fear to get in between so many things. Most times this fear stops us from going down that road less travelled. The only time we truly get to experience life to embrace life is to embrace those fears. Wishing each of you a … Continue reading Confidence – Fear Not

Perception And What We Really Want

Sometimes what we doing is not really what is. We build this entire situation start to end in our mind and we already know the outcome before it’s even had a chance to play out. This happens in our daily lives, at work, we already perceive this is how it’s going to be we don’t give … Continue reading Perception And What We Really Want

What you are not changing you are choosing

 I read these words the other day and they made me think.So often in our lives we say, if only things were like this, I would be happy, If only I could do this, I would be so happy. If only I had the opportunity, If only!!Then you just continue as you usually do. If … Continue reading What you are not changing you are choosing

Change, they say’s it’s as good as a HOLIDAY

Sometimes change is such a hard concept for us, as we become so used to doing things a certain way, behaving in this manner or reacting to situations in this way. We have taught ourselves to behave in a certain way, to create stability or so we think. Change is part of life, we all change … Continue reading Change, they say’s it’s as good as a HOLIDAY