It’s a beautiful day…

It is a beautiful day, the rain is falling and everything seems to grow brighter and more beautiful when the rain falls.It’s been some time since I have blogged, just been taking some me time, to get things in my perspective and create a new routine. Think it’s important to change things up a bit … Continue reading It’s a beautiful day…

What is it that I want

Ever just sat and asked yourself this question!!I think the answer to this questions changes as we grow, when I was younger as compared to now this answer has evolved and changed so completely. The younger me would have answered I want to have a great career, travel the world,  I think deep down it was … Continue reading What is it that I want

Reiki Treatments

What an absolutely amazing feeling. To be able to feel the energy channeling through me. To help someone else heal the way they need to heal.When I started this journey, to learn about Reiki, I fell inlove with every aspect of it. I just new that this was me this was what I wanted to … Continue reading Reiki Treatments

Positive Energy, feeling it, embracing it and living it

It’s that feeling, that emotion, that anticipation that good is happening, good is going to happen. It’s that feeling that makes you feel like you just can’t stop smiling, that positive energy is radiating in all you do and are. I often hear people ask how do I get your positive energy, its funny though because … Continue reading Positive Energy, feeling it, embracing it and living it

Reiki Self Treatment

I start my self treatments by doing simple breathing exercises, I have found especially during this time we all find our selves in being in LOCKDOWN this breathing exercises have made such a huge difference for me helping find my own calm.  I then do some meditation and prayer, asking the universe to allow the energy to … Continue reading Reiki Self Treatment

A Reiki Attunement

I waited for more than a month to do my attunement, I had read about others experiences and I must admit I did not know what to expect, a part of me expected it to be like others  feelings of overwhelmingness, filled with emotions. But I told myself have no expectations just an open mind. My attunement was a remote … Continue reading A Reiki Attunement

Starting my Reiki journey

For me me reiki is what you see, what you are and what you feel it's an energy we all have each and every one of us, some of us just seem to be more open to this energy than others.  I believe this energy always was and is within and around me, it is … Continue reading Starting my Reiki journey