Changing to make my life better

A question we should constantly be asking ourselves. What I can change about me to make my life better to help me grow to help.......

Manifestation Sunday’s

Manifestions mantra… Absolutely love this mantra saying it often gives one a sense of gratefulness and belief that whatever you need whatever you wish for is already yours. Anything is possible if you believe that it is. Wishing you all a blissful Sunday. Sending love and light to all…

Confidence – Fear Not

This saying just just caught my eye this morning… Sometimes we allow fear to get in between so many things. Most times this fear stops us from going down that road less travelled. The only time we truly get to experience life to embrace life is to embrace those fears. Wishing each of you a … Continue reading Confidence – Fear Not


Have you ever considered being BORED a blessing!! Well I absolutely believe it is, it means you have time, time to think, time to do and time to do nothing which in itself is sometimes a blessing. We all need that time to just sit and do nothing, not think, not feel just being relaxed, … Continue reading Being BORED

Good Teacher’s are hard to find

This is such an important relationship in life. Often I think we as parents don't give it enough thought and attention. Your child spends most of their day as children with this person their teacher, they learn and grow through them. Some teachers are amazing with time, energy patience, the ability to be empathetic and … Continue reading Good Teacher’s are hard to find

Knowing when to let go

Came across this little story and thought I’d share…so true if only we all had the courage to know when to jump would save us a lot of heartache 🌼