Very wise words

Came across this saying and absolutely had to share.

So true if only we all thought this was how peaceful life would be…

Anger is an emotion a very strong and powerful one and while I agree we should embrace and feel our anger we should not allow it to consume us to the point that we take it out others.

So many times people just naturally assume because I am calm and soft spoken and an introvert that by default this makes me weak as I don’t fight back. There is a difference between standing up for yourself and fight back.

When you fight you trying to prove that what was said or done to you was wrong, when you stand up you standing up for what you believe in not trying to prove someone wrong….hope that makes some sort sense. Just my 2cents on this.

Sending love and sparkles to all…

4 thoughts on “Very wise words

  1. I grew up with my mother who used anger as her currency to intimidate and manipulate people. I wasn’t allowed to respond back in kind to her so I internalized it all. Needless to say, I didn’t know how to handle anger in a healthy way when I grew up.

    After I worked through my healing from those experiences, I came to cherish being able to talk things through with people.

    Now when an angry person comes into my life, I try to just listen to figure out what the actual problem is under all the venting. I’ve taught myself not to take their anger personally, because they were angry before they came to me.

    By speaking to the actual problem the person feels heard and can then calm down to talk.

    Many times I’ve needed to say “help me help you!”

    This would indeed be a much better world if we could respond calmly with each other!

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    1. It’s takes a lot of strength sometimes to see past that anger and hold oneself together and not completely loose it so well done to you learning to find your own peace enabling you to channel your anger in a manner that can help rather than hurt. 🌼

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      1. Thank you! I appreciate your kind words!

        I agree, with you, but I actually found that the process I had followed actually allowed the anger to just quietly dissipate away, so there was no need to channel it anywhere else! I highly recommend this to others!

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