Change how you react

So often we encounter people or situations that are not as we expect or what we would like and this at times completely takes the control we have away.

It is like someone punching you right in the middle of your stomach and taking the air out of you.

You struggle to find your breath, its happened to me as few times.

I honestly felt like one more punch and I am going to breakdown, and I consider myself an extremely patient and calm person.

But irrespective there are situations or people and yes these people do exists, people who believe that they are the most important people and only they matter, these people do exist.

This is all out of our control and no matter what you do and how you do it you need to realise this and acknowledge this, you can’t change it.

But you can change how you REACT🙏🏾, YES YOU CAN!!!

How you react is within your control often time especially lately I react first and I completely blow my top and then I take a few minutes to catch my breath and I realise I should have actually just waited a bit to react.

I am sure many of you have experienced this at some time or the other, where you say something or you do something in REACTION to someone or something and after you have had a change to breath and look at it calmly you think maybe I should have REACTED to this differently.

In the heat of that moment these thoughts did not cross your mind at all.

You were so angry you typed out that email so fast and hard and just hit send!!!

Well I think it’s important to vent, type out that email if you need, but just don’t hit send right now. If you encounter someone who is just MEAN, walk away, don’t say anything just walk away.

If it’s a situation that leaves you stunned and you unable to think or say or do anything. Then don’t, just take some deep breaths, until you able to breath normally again and try and find your calm.

Because if you don’t chances are you will do more damage that good, or you will cause more harm to yourself than actually doing good.

Life will always be filled with people and situations that are not within our control, not what we expect.

But how you REACT to it is what is most important and that is within your control!!!


Sending love and light to all

5 thoughts on “Change how you react

  1. I totally agree with you! Some of my deepest regrets are my own reactions to people. It didn’t even feel as satisfying in the moment as I thought it would! My anger didn’t dissipate, it actually grew when I reacted, and yet when I did take the time to do some breathing exercises and pause myself, I ended up feeling soooo much better after I gave myself time to process what had just happened!

    Many times when I took that pause, (I’d also take a little break from the person in question), they realized their faux-pas and would voluntarily apologize, and then thanked me for not reacting to them!

    Of course, not everyone does that, so it’s up to us to then gently set our boundaries (with consequences).

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by 🌼 yes absolutely I think it’s not an easy thing to walk away and take that time to breath and see things clearly it does take a lot of courage and maturity.

      But once you do start it does become a habit and the anger moments become few and far between.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences I also like the idea of keeping away from the person, until you have calmed down, my husband does this with some of his colleagues that tend to frustrate him.

      Works wonders it helps him calm down and allows them the time to realize their wrong doing…

      I think with more life experiences you tend to realize it’s better to walk away than waste precious time and energy dwelling in anger!!!

      Have a lovey day 🌼

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