When do you say enough?

Sometimes as woman, as men, as human beings we go through so much be it work drama or family drama or maybe it’s relationships or marriages or kids.

Problems and conflict will always be there because we are all uniquely different human beings and what may seem right for one may not be for another. This is life we all different and want and need different things and sometimes even though there is enough of it all we feel as if someone is taking it all and there is nothing left for us.

Whatever the problems are and whatever the situation is how do you know okay I have tried and tried I have been patient and clearly it’s not improving.

I have had enough, now it’s time to let go, time to change, time to move on!!!

The reality is why waste your time on something that is not bringing you joy and happiness. My approach has always been if something is not right or not making me happy change it. If it’s another person that is causing this change it.

Life is too short to wait till you have had enough. You need speak up voice your feelings make them heard.

People have forgotten this very simple yet amazing art of communication.

Speak up don’t allow things to reach a point when you have to say I have had enough.

The reality is people will always treat you how you allow them to treat you. You control that is someone hurts you today and you don’t put them in their place they will continue to do the same the next time. But if you stand up, speak up communicate they will think twice before doing the same again.

Take control for only you can don’t wait until you have had enough.

Sending love and light to all

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