Grades don’t define YOU

While cleaning out our storage space I came across my half year final year school results!!! Many many moons ago 😊

I thought to myself looking back I felt as if this defined me, this was who I am. The reality is even though I did so bad and even failed computer studies. Today I hold a senior position in information technology at one of the biggest Banks in the country I live in.

I am great at what I do and reality check what ever I learned in school for computer studies I have never used it.

I thought it appropriate to share this now as a lot of the students are writing exams. While it is important to do your best and give your best to your studies always remember these marks DO NOT define who you become.

You decide who and what you become. So give it your best and when you feeling really down just think of me that failed computer studies but is now a force to be reckoned with in IT field.

Anything is possible and only you can make it happen for you.

To all those writing exams I wish you all well and may all your hard work reap all the benefits and joys you deserve.

Sending love and light to all

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