Making my voice heard

For many years I have always been that person that works really hard, helps others and truly does more than I should. I have always said I am that behind the scene kind of person.

The one that speaks when they have something to say and not that one than talks more than anything else. But the reality is the ones that talk more do less are the ones that rise up.

The ones that actually don’t know what to do but know how to talk about it convincing everyone they do, these are the ones that move up and grow.

It’s the sad reality of many corporate companies.

For a long time I just kept quiet, did my thing and assumed that my hard work and dedication will in time be rewarded.

Big mistake!!!!

It’s a illusion, this is the reality, it’s sad but it’s true. The only loyalty you need to have and should have is to your family.

Don’t get my wrong I am not saying don’t give you best. What I am saying is don’t be in that illusion like me that someone will see, someone will help you to move and grow.


You have to fight and make this happen for yourself, take charge, if you feel you need that promotion go and ask for it, if you feel you entitled to that raise ask for it. Don’t believe that anyone owes you anything, you need to own your own growth, your progress you need to own it.

Don’t be afraid to blow your own horn. I was not.

Even though I think I should have done this 4 years ago. It’s never to late.

Be that person that makes the difference in your own life. Don’t hesitate. If you feel you deserve it then, let me tell you something you absolutely do.

So what did I do I put together a portfolio of evidence of myself. I added references from those I work with and report into and I submitted this to everyone including HR. I did inform my reporting line this is what I am doing this is the process I am taking if you can’t help me. I did that out of respect .

But yes I did it.

The reality is if I have made so much progress and achieved so much I am entitled to a promotion and this time I have reached this mindset where I know it’s mine. Nothing and no one is going to stop it.

How do you make your voice heard, be it in your career, in love , in life, in anything and everything, share your experiences?

Sending love and light to all…

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