A tough day..3 days later and it’s an unimportant matter

Today was one of those tough days an encounter with no other words to put it but bullies.

I must be honest and say for some reason this encounter really took the air out of me. Felt so angry after, which is strange as I am someone who actually does not allow anyones behavior to make me feel “down” and “anxious” no other way to describe this feeling. Work place bullying people believe that because they have a title they are better than the rest.

Well it’s taken me some time to calm down and get some perspective and realize that it’s not me. Some people just have no respect and care for others and that is okay the world is filled with so many of these human beings who thrive on taking advantage of people.

Initially I thought should in retaliate, would be the logical thing to do I suppose.

Continuing with this post 3 days after I started it. So strange but 3 days laters this incident is so insignificant and unimportant. Mean people exists sadly because they are unhappy miserable inside that is what they reflect on to others. They treat others the way they feel.

I have not reached that point of being completely humble and kind and saying I pray they heal from within. Maybe someday will get to that point but for now hope to never encounter them again. If I do ahh well experiences and encounters with these human beings make me grateful for who I am.

Always treat people as you would like to be treated.

And if you can’t rather just keep quiet. Lol

Have a gorgeous Sunday

Sending love and light to all

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