Making a career of what you love to do

Build your career around what you love.
You increase your chances of success significantly
and it will make it easier to keep going during tough times.
– Khanyi Dhlomo

This saying just got me thinking this morning, even though I enjoy doing I am doing, lately I find myself dreaming of something new.

It’s so important to love what you doing becuase after all it’s what you will be doing most of your day’s of your life.

I have read so many self help books and motivational books and they great but reality for me is I can’t just stop my day job and pursue my dream job. Which is the message that often comes across I could be reading the wrong books entirely a possibility lol.

I am thinking this is the reality for most of us. We have our family our children, our parents we have have responsibilities and I for one am not one to neglect or forget mine.

I have a dream and my focus will always be to keep that dream alive and work on it for sure as it gives me so much joy, but not at the detriment of the life I am living.

Got to find a way of having the best of both worlds and I can, it does take some mind setting and some belief and alot of faith but it can be done. Who said you have to give up everything to follow your dreams. Becuase my reality is my day job gives me the opprtunity to afford to fund my dream job and for now it is a “side hussle” as it’s called on social media.

I think we place so much pressure on ourselves to make decisions, that we need to go off on some journey to follow our dreams that we need to forget everything and only think of ourselves, it’s easy to do this I think if you that kind of person that has no responsibilties or actually I am being nice, if you are okay with being selfish and only think about yourself. Don’t mis-understand if your are that kind of person there is no judgement, it’s okay to be selfish and think of yourself, it’s your life you can do and be what you want. It’s our choice as individuals.

It’s just not me. So I am going the route of doing both. It’s hard, and I must admit I am hitting alot of road blocks, but the rewards and the dreams are what keeps me going and knowing that I have a happy family that supports me through it all makes all the difference. 

So while self help books and motivational books give me so much, I tend to take what I can from it and I use what I can. It’s not my bible of life I create my own bible of life as I go along this wonderful beautiful amazing life of mine.

After all it’s my life.

We just got back from a family holiday and it was amazing just being together and enjoying the beautiful outdoors and nature. It has given me a huge energy boost.

It’s amazing how much energy you get with just spending quality time with the ones you love. It’s the greatest healing for your mind body and soul.

Sending love and light to all…

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