Being a Mom to my very strong opinionated Daughter

Raising a daughter is takes a lot of patience I would say. When there is so much more chaos in the world and so much more violence against women. One of the most important lessons to teach our daughters is to stand tall, stand up for herself, never allow anyone to determine how you feel.

Be independent and strong in all you do.

Never settle..

But all these lessons give rise to a very strongly opinionated little 8 year who let me tell you drives me completely insane at times. But I am a proud mom for I know she will not back down.

It’s funny though as she is exactly as I want her to be with anyone that messes with her but she is like this with me too when I don’t give in to her demands lol.

It takes a lot of patience but it truly is the most amazing feeling to be a mom and especially a mom to a strong willed little angel.

Sending love and light

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