Heartfelt Thursday Motivation

This is so true. When our hearts are full of love, our life and everything around us becomes joyful, happy and lovable.

We see the goodness in everything. We more willing and able to accept that we deserve this happiness. We appreciate it and are so thankful for this heartfelt love and joy we feel.

Everything becomes happiness and this is how it should always be. Forget about the other end of it all.

You deserve love, you deserve joy and you deserve a heart filled with so much love it’s bursting through all areas of your life.

Wishing you all a happy heartfelt Thursday may all your hearts be filled with love always.

Sending love and light to all…

6 thoughts on “Heartfelt Thursday Motivation

  1. The power of love is incredible isn’t it?!
    I learned my capacity for love increased multiple times when I learned to like myself!

    When I learned to stop saying hateful things to myself I discovered that my capacity to feel happy happened much more frequently than ever before!

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    1. Thank you for sharing 😊🌼 it takes sometime to to heal and find love for oneself when you have been through tough experience but once you overcome it and once you do that love within for yourself just grows stronger. Loving and appreciating oneself is the first step to finding true and lasting love and happiness. Have a beautiful day 🌼

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    1. Covid has taken a lot of from us indeed but I think for me I am just grateful that I am here today and I able to respond to your comment so it means I have been blessed to be alive. Think all we can do is be grateful for the blessings 🌼 and focus on those rather than the loss 😊


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