It Was His Time To Leave

My dad died at the age of 44. He was the healthiest man I knew, he ate healthy, did not drink alcohol, did not smoke, loved his gym work outs, he was so healthy. For a very long time I always asked Why him?

He woke up that Sunday morning, cooked, relaxed and decided he’d have something light to eat and go to gym with my mom and come home and we’d have our family dinner.

My mom and him went to gym he drove, they both started doing a class which they usually did together, during the class he collapsed and never woke up. They said he’d had a massive heart attack. Two days before his heart attack he’d had a full medical with bloods nothing was picked up, his doctor was shocked to hear that he’d passed on especially since he was an absolutely healthy and fit man that really did not allow anything to stress him out.

This was 24 years ago but I remember every moment of that day, every feeling I felt, that pain, hurt and anger, I remember it all. At that time the pain indescribable, I could not see how I would ever overcome it. But time does make one stronger and even though that pain is still as indescribable as it was that day, that moment, time has made me stronger to handle it.

It’s taken me a very long time but I realize it was his time, nothing could have prevented it. He was ready to continue on his journey without us because he had served the purpose he needed to serve. I miss him more that I could ever put into words. I wish he could have met my husband our beautiful little daughter.

But it was not to be and even though I am sad about him not being here I feel eternally blessed to have shared an awesome life with him, I am grateful for every memory. He was a man that said I love you everyday to his wife and children.

A man who loved his family so much and it was evident in all he did. Living without him was hard but accepting that it was his time to leave was the hardest and something that only happened many years later.

He lives on through me …..

Sending love and light

5 thoughts on “It Was His Time To Leave

  1. It’s always difficult and heartbreaking to lose a dear parent. My father passed away from cancer when he was in his early sixties, otherwise he too was hearty and hale, making a point of following healthy living practices. I guess when it’s our time, it is. Condolences to you.

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    1. Thank you🌼. Yes it’s something that has taken me years to realize for myself. Losing a loved one is so painful and when you going through it nothing brings comfort..but time does give us strength and for me time also brought acceptance which I am truly grateful for.

      Thank you for stopping by ❤️


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