Happiness is like a butterfly

Something I have heard so many times throughout my life. When you in a situation weather it’s the pursuit of love or career or that which you desire most this saying “happiness is like a butterfly the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things it will come and sit quietly on your shoulder” seems so farfetched.

Looking back though now that I have achieved a lot of that which I pursued it’s crystal clear that this saying is absolutely true.

The more I chased happiness or focused on what I wanted or needed the further it always seemed. But when I just put it out there this is what I want and then just carried with life I always seemed to eventually achieve or receive. But when I focused on it and dwelled upon it and made it my center of everything the further it seemed to be.

Meeting my husband is truly a great example of this. Before meeting him I kept dwelling on will I find my special someone, will I ever fall in love and get married, at the time all my friends were in serious relationships and getting married and there I was single and not making any progress of meeting anyone.

So I decided yes I do want to find love and someone to share my life with but I am not going to settle and I came to this self realization that what is meant for me will be.

I started to focus on me doing things that gave me joy and happiness not focusing on meeting someone or trying to. Instead I started making new friends and it was not too long after this that I met the love love of my life who is now my husband. We met by chance and we been together ever since. Love happens when you least expect it too.

So yes sometimes we need to stop chasing that which we want most and let is come to us when we ready for it.

Have you ever experienced this please share would love to hear your experiences…

Sending love and light

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