Life matters

Sometimes we need to enjoy the simple things in life, the things we tend to take for granted like watching the sun come up or swimming in the ocean or walking on the beach. Or just walking and looking up at the sky 🌼

Could even be waking up and just living a life that matters, matters to YOU!

Appreciating the ones you love, appreciating that they are healthy and strong and you able to give them and show them your love. Appreciating that they are actually with you that in itself is a blessing especially with so many losing the battle to so many different sicknesses.

Sometimes just making someone feel needed and appreciated is all that person needs and wants.

I am living a life of love by giving love to those around me, by being kind and more considerate to others. By appreciating all my surroundings and the beauty of this wonderful earth. By loving my body and mind completely as these are the only ones I will ever have, there is no swop out.

Please share how are you living a life of love and a life that matters….

Sending love and light to all on this gorgeous 1st of September day. It’s spring day a time of newness, could be a new beginning, new thoughts, new life.

It’s all yours if you want it.

6 thoughts on “Life matters

  1. Yup, the little things are in fact the really big things! Having had a couple of marriages which weren’t peaceful, I now appreciate relationships which are! My daughter and grandkids are part of the air I breathe and I don’t take that for granted because my relationship with my mother is strained. Most of us have had difficult experiences, so treasuring the small things is actually huge!!

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    1. Absolutely true. Because you have been through so much you appreciate all you have so much more, especially those little things you have realized the value of them. Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your experience and lessons learnt🌼

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