Afraid, Scared, Hesitant

These are feelings and emotions each of us have felt at one point in our life’s journey.

Looking back at one of my most fearful moments, I decided to take the plunge so to say leaving my home relocating to another city with no family, no support just the unknown ahead.

Turns out that decision was the absolute best decision I could have made. Met lots of wonderful friends that became family, met the love of my life, married the love of my life, started a family and landed an amazing job at one of the big banks, just completed my 11 years of service and going strong… and the rest as they say is history 🌼.

Sometimes you have to put yourself out there and go forth and just do what you want to do but have never had the courage to do it.

Sometimes we have to do first think later, guess what I am saying is sometimes you need face your fears and do what you most afraid to do.

What are you most afraid to do and why or have you faced you fears head on share your experience would love to hear?

Face them fears 🌼

Sending love and light to all

5 thoughts on “Afraid, Scared, Hesitant

  1. I totally agree with facing our fears! Sometimes we aren’t able to jump in with both feet, so taking a slow approach works well too! I do this all the time. Really helps me to get the ball rolling, as I gain more confidence, I’m able to do more!

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