Morning Affirmations

Loved waking up this morning and writing down all these wonderful affirmations and more and then taking the time to read it back to myself what a glorious start to a wonderful Wednesday….

Noting my affirmations…

How did you start your morning?

Sending love and light and some sparkles your way for a little magic to come you way …

5 thoughts on “Morning Affirmations

    1. Absolutely I was feeling a bit under the weather call it mental exhaustion and then I realized I have been neglecting these little things of journalling and reading and waking up early just to have that me time and watch the sun come up. Do my affirmations. Been focusing on these this past few days and it’s been wonderful. Thank you for visiting and sending lots of love and light your way🌼🌼

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      1. 😊😊🌸🌸 thats a great way to feel rejuvenated! I like to get a couple early nights and take my immune supplements when I feel that way! Never hurts and always helps! 🌼😻😻

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