Live in your moment..

Why is this so hard? Living in the moment.

This is your life, your path. Yes it’s great to always plan ahead but planning ahead and wishing you were some place else is two different things.

Where you are in your life is actually where you are have chosen to be. Nothing prevents you from changing paths, changing directions.

Your are the driver of your own journey of life after all you choose the path taken, the journey and the many destinations you go through in your life.

Don’t stand and regret while looking at another. This is your life you have but one so use every opportunity you have within your reach and make the best of the life you have and the path you have chosen.

Sending love and light to all…

3 thoughts on “Live in your moment..

  1. Living in the moment has reduced my stress tremendously! Since I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, either by choice or by Divine placement, I feel grateful to be where I am and that in turn allows me to feel happy!

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