Who am I ?

Ever asked yourself this question and truly answered it honestly!!

Who am I, who are you really, behind all the roles you play of being a child, being a daughter/son or mom/dad or wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, colleague, business partner.

We play all these roles that require us to act a certain way to be a certain way to respond in a certain manner, but is that really who you are?

Or is it just the role you playing at that particular time.

Interesting question right?

As all these roles require us to behave differently. When you at work and with colleagues you can’t be the fun loving daughter you are when you are with your mom and dad, you have to behave in more of a formal way than the relaxed way you are at home.

When you dating and this is your boyfriend, you on your very best, sure you don’t put up too much of a show but the reality is you are trying to impress this person so you are giving off your best and going that extra mile, then you get married and this person is now you husband do you still go out of your way to be on your best all of the time, yes agreed you do have your dress up day’s and your day’s where you want to spoil your other half but it’s not as often as you did when you were dating. Does this mean that the person you are now that you are married is the real you and the person and who you were when you were dating was NOT?

For me the question WHO I AM I is I am all the above and more, while I play all these roles throughout my life the important qualities still remain the same, I am that person that loves her family above all else and always strives to ensure they are well cared for and happy and that goes for my personality at work with my colleagues with friends with whom ever I come to know that holds value and importance to me.

I always try and help them and care about their well being and growth and always try to assist if I can.

So who I am, I am the helper lol :-).

Who are you?

Sending love and light

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