Creating Great Life Habits

As we grow through life, so much changes besides us as individuals, everything changes, what was 10 years ago has completely evolved.

In order for us to stay grounded we need to cultivate some great life habits and ensure that even though so much has changed these habits form the foundation of our life and it remains the constant always. It’s important to cultivate great habits.

Some great life habits

  1. Learning a new skill every month, this is important to grow and also to keep the mind active and challenged.
  2. Do something you have never done, it does not have to be a daring life defying act but something small and different to the usual.
  3. Excersise, now this is something I must be honest is challenging for me, but I get in mine in the form of walking which I have come to enjoy.
  4. Meditation, do it the way you feel most comfortable.
  5. Try and eat healthy 80 percent of the time.
  6.  Make time for those that are close to you and those you love.
  7. Laugh, this is an important one.
  8. Smile , this too is a very important one.
  9. Say a prayer of gratefulness.
  10. Don’t be afraid to give love.
  11. Talk say what is on your mind and don’t hold it in.

Sending love and light to all….

5 thoughts on “Creating Great Life Habits

  1. May I add “Be open to what life brings!” If we filter life through what we expect to happen, or for what we hope to happen, we may actually ignore some pretty wonderful things and never give them a chance!

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