Changing to make my life better

A question we should constantly be asking ourselves.

What I can change about me to make my life better, to help me grow to help me be the very best version of myself.

Sometimes it’s an easy question, with an easy answer and a simple change that can make all the difference.

When the change is never straight forward then the reward is always the greatest of them all.

If I look at myself and the things I would surely need to change :

  1. Family time, with my gorgeous amazing husband and beautiful funny daughter.
  2. Reiki, I absolutely love reiki, making more time for my Reiki sessions.
  3. Start to plan a bit more life things and also work days.
  4. Accept the reality that I am human and I can only do so much at work, this one thing my body forced upon me to realise.
  5. Do more fun things, life is so serious and no one really gets out alive so maybe I need to have more fun.
  6. Meditate more, this is an easy but hard one for me, but I shall try.
  7. CUT OFF THE TIME I SPEND ON SOCIAL MEDIA, this is a big one, as the pandemic has just increased my screen time.
  8. I love writing maybe put a bit more time into it.
  9. Me time, got to take it, no one gives this to you lol.

It’s often the little changes that lead to the big life change.

So what’s your changes to make your life better?

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Sending love and light to all….

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