Have you ever considered being BORED a blessing!!

Well I absolutely believe it is, it means you have time, time to think, time to do and time to do nothing which in itself is sometimes a blessing.

We all need that time to just sit and do nothing, not think, not feel just being relaxed, or as my little daughter would say BORED. It’s not necessary for the mind and body to be constantly busy. 

Not that being busy is a bad thing, I think everything in moderation is good.

Looking back as an adult I don’t have many bored day’s they are truly far and few between.

I yearn for them actually, because we are so constantly busy, work, kids life, making time to relax, to learn, to grow all these take time, and when you do get that time when you have absolutely nothing to do that BORED time it’s the absolute best.

During this time you can do what you want to do. My bored time is usually just before bed that 30 minutes I spend watching YOUTUBE or reading blogs, just relaxing and enjoying.

Often in our most bored moments we sometimes find the most amazing life changing moments or ideas. It’s because our mind is relaxed, our body is relaxed, our guard is down and we just totally relaxed.

So here are a few things I love doing in times of being BORED

  • Watching an old favourite movie
  • Reading a good book or reading some good blogs, my fav…
  • Listening to good music or a good podcast
  • Doing some meditation- must be honest I wish I could do this more often during my bored moments
  • Calling up an old friend or relative just for a good old chat
  • Blogging…lol kinda like what I am doing right now.

What are some of the things you do during your BORED moments please share…..

Sending love and light to all.

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