Good Teacher’s are hard to find

This is such an important relationship in life.

Often I think we as parents don’t give it enough thought and attention. Your child spends most of their day as children with this person their teacher, they learn and grow through them.

Some teachers are amazing with time, energy patience, the ability to be empathetic and compassionate, they have all these wonderful qualities that our child needs and deserves and these are the teachers that assist is growing the most amazing students.

But there are those teachers that lack all these skills, they can just teach a lesson.

So they studied and what they studied this is what they are teaching and this is where their job ends.

To those teachers you need to realize that when you decide to become a teacher, it’s just not about paper and books and lessons. It takes a special kind of human being to take on the role of a teacher. I for one will never be able to do that, be a teacher because even though I have the knowledge to teach, I don’t have the qualities to be a teacher students, I can teach my child because I have that love and patience to do so.

But taking on the responsibility of being a teacher to many students this is not easy.  

Many teachers now a days not all but a lot of teachers lack that simple trait of love and compassion and patience of being a teacher. It’s their way or the high way. They lack the patience and kindness and it’s actually scary because these are the people that are teaching our future. 

When I was in school I had amazing teachers, that absolutely loved being asked questions. Teachers that listened to me, that listened to understand.

Teachers that put the book down and really listened to how the class needed to be taught, not even the classes but the actual child. They had amazing relationships with the most popular bubbly student and also me the quiet student who only spoke when it was truly needed in class.

But these were the kind of teachers I had, that taught me it’s okay to be who you want to be, to love who you are and not to change to be that loud one, we all different we all do things differently and that is okay. 

But know adays from my experience in the private schooling sector teachers are hired straight out of university or college and that is great, but they lack that important component of experience and what they teach is what is in the text book, and if a child does not follow what is in that text book the child is wrong and child needs help.

If we look back on how schooling was to how it is, kids are more messed up now than they ever were and the parents are blamed.

NO teachers need to start taking responsibility, if you don’t smile and if you as a teacher lack respect for parents, that is the message you sending to our kids. 

If kids are shy and constantly need re-assurance look at yourself first as the teacher, talk to your student, understand why they are this way, respect who they are and guide them with patience and care. After all this is you job as a teacher to teach and guide and help. 

Otherwise what is the point of having a teacher, I can enrol my child for online learning get the text books and help my child learn ensuring I give patience, understanding, love and care. 

Let me know what your thoughts are on this, am I being to over the top and too analytical, are you a teacher and disagree with what I am saying.

Let’s chat and share and learn and grow……

Sending love and light…

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