Managing myself

As human beings we always trying to manage something or someone.

No matter the situation we always trying to manage it, make it better than what it is, or make someone think the way we think they should be thinking.

Trying to convince someone to do what we think they should be doing. 

Sometimes we don’t even realize that this is what we are doing. It may be our children, our spouses, or significant other, our friends. It’s an act that most of us do unknowingly. 

Maybe we do this to feel in control of things, because when we in control we can control the outcome of any situation.

While I believe the later part of the previous sentence is absolutely true the first part is not. 

The reality is we can’t control people, we can’t manage what they do or the choices they make.

However we can manage ourselves, manage what we want. We can choose the outcome of the situation that we in.

How do your do this?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, focus on managing yourself, as that is the only thing you can control, focus on how you want this situation to be, what do you want the outcome to be and manage yourself to ensure that outcome.

Sounds a bit selfish I know, but the reality is if we focus on managing ourselves to achieve what we want to achieve, it will become a habit for us and it’s a habit that we can lead by example for our children to follow and always for all those around to learn from, so that they too can focus on themselves manage themselves and achieve the outcome they wish to achieve. 

So it’s time to manage myself!!!

Sending love and light to all

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