Giving too much at work, Is it worth it?

I find myself asking this question daily…..

Is the effort and time and energy I am giving to my career actually worth it?

The reality is the more you give the more is expected, and I seem to be getting so angry and annoyed at anyone that just comes in at 8 and leaves at 4 and just does what they are tasked to do. I know it’s wrong as not everyone is willing to give as much as I am giving and that is their choice like it’s mine to take on more than I can handle at times. 

But I think I am asking myself if it actually worth it, I mean does the company actually value your contribution or are they just happy you doing what you doing as it’s benefitting them. They don’t really care that it’s taking time away from your family or that it’s causing so much stress for you that there are day’s when you not sure if you coming or going. 

Actually writing this I actually realize it’s not worth it. I actually envy those people that just do what they need and nothing more. Because the reality is in big corporate companies you only move up if you know someone, hard work and effort and accomplishments that just maybe gets you a certificate but nothing else. 

You feel good in that moment but that is all it is a feel good moment.  Maybe it’s time I realize taking on too much is actually not worth the after effects of feeling drained and stressed and exhausted mentally and physically. Maybe it’s time I realize even though I have said this before to myself and many others that if tomorrow I leave, I am replaced this is how it works. 

So maybe it’s about time I took my own advice. Stop giving so much to my career rather focus that time and energy on my amazingly beautiful family and my life because while I am building this so called career life is passing me by.

So focus on me and my life and family. Don’t give work more attention than it gives to you!!!

Sending love and light to all…

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