Staying Positive

It’s easy to say this but sometimes we all go through things in life where it’s really not that easy to just stay positive. 

But it’s not impossible to do. On some day’s it does take a little more effort than other day’s.

Often I hear people say do some meditation to still the mind and get clarity and trust me this does work, I am not someone that often meditates, so when I do find myself needing that time to still my mind and just focus and get clarity of my thoughts this helps me so much. 

Blogging also helps, to put ones thoughts and feelings into words even if you choose not to publish just noting it down helps. 

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Today my little girl went to her new school to spend a day, she has been at her previous school for 5 years, so she was really accustomed to her surroundings and her friends and even some of the teachers.

So today was a tough day, a brand new school, new teacher, new friends new class. Her new school is amazing in terms of what it has to offer her and the teachers are so warm and mature, even though the school is so awesome I still feel so anxious for her. 

The new teacher just messaged to say she has been really quiet and she can see she is very anxious, but she has paired her up with another little girl and she is confident by the end of the day and as the term progresses she will settle in and adjust to everything.

The teacher did say that my daughter told her, she usually is not this quiet LOL. 

I know she will adjust in time and she will settle in she is such a bright beautiful soul filled with so much love and joy and happiness.

I am staying positive that she will settle in sooner rather than later. 

We all go through moments when we feel so anxious filled with emotions, sometimes it is not us that are going through big changes or events but it’s the ones we love that are going through it and it’s hard to find that courage to stay positive. 

But doing little things that can help makes a big difference.

  1. Listening to relaxing soothing music.
  2. Blogging or journaling 
  3. Sitting in silence and just breathing, deep breaths in and out. 
  4. Reading a good book
  5. Watching funny movie
  6. Using essential oils, I love the relax combination, will post a pic below, really loving this one.
loving this essential oil blend by #SOIL

Wishing you all a positive day…

Sending love and light to all..

7 thoughts on “Staying Positive

  1. I’ve found that reminding myself that whatever I’m going through that’s bothering me is just temporary. Every single negative thing I’ve experienced has ended and I’ve moved forward. I remind myself of that when I feel down!

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