Check-in and Check-up

Even though we are in a self lock down, well most of us around the world. We still can’t find the time for many things. 

Works to hectic and takes up much more time than it used to because we now working from home. Home schooling is a challenge as we need to ensure the kids are doing their work correctly. But we somehow still find the time to scroll on facebook, instagram, tiktok and youtube. 

We need to prioritize set boundaries. Ensure that when we work we work, and when it’s time to shut down and switch off that is exactly what we do.

Hope Health Supply

Plan kids homeschool, set them up the night before so that it’s not rushed and get them into a routine. Ask the teacher to send the schedule and tasks ahead so you can plan and explain it to them ahead of time so they not so overwhelmed when they in class especially if they little.

Scrolling on social media is fine but I think sometimes we get carried away, watching other people, finding laughter in others silly habits and just spending to much time scrolling. 

Maybe we make some time to check in with each other, sometimes we live in the same house but we all in our little bubbles we don’t even know how the other person is. So do a little check-in, how you doing, how was your day, how you feeling, with all that is happening in the world even the person that does not like to open up and talk sometimes needs this check-in. 

Put the phone away, yes being on our phones relaxes us for sure, but for that one hour having dinner and after just spend time together with the family, chatting. If you on your own spend time using your phone wisely by calling up family and friends and doing a check-up. Just to say hello. 

You never know your check-in or check-up could be what that person needed more than you will ever know. 

So this is what I intend to do and luckily my husband reads my blog so his now warned I will be doing an extra long check-in as we do generally do this everyday, how we doing, how was our day, what we thinking and feeling. Is there anything you need me to help you with. We talk about the pandemic how it’s affecting our life, our country, the stats. We do this at least once a day as it’s important to be aware. 

So let me know how your check-in or check-up goes!! Or any ideas your have…

Sending love and light to all…

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