Mental wellbeing

Something we all take for grated, and if we not taking it for grated we choose to ignore it. 

Life is filled with so much that at times even though everything seems to be going perfectly well and you have all that you have ever wanted, you still sometimes feel lost.

You go about doing your daily things thinking and believing that this is what you meant to be doing, after all we were never really taught about taking care of our mental health, it’s never been something we have been brought up with. 

When we think about mental health we think about crazy, mad, all these words come to mind as this is what we have been taught growing up in the 70’s and 80’s and 90’s. It’s never been a topic that we have openly spoken about with out parents and our friends.

But it’s a reality!!

We all experience mental health issues, some of us handle it and others need more help to handle it.

When you over worked and doing so much at work giving so much of yourself, and you feeling so exhausted and tired all the time, this is because your mental well-being is being affected.

When you spend all your time worrying about what is and what will be and you can’t settle your mind, it’s your mental health. When you feel sick even though you not physically sick this is your mental health. 

We so used to a physical sickness that we actually choose to ignore those early warning signs that we need to take heed of and we need to get a handle on it before it reaches the point where we can’t deal with it on our own.

Our mind is the most powerful organ, yes all the organs in the body are important and have an important role, but it’s the mind that is most powerful.

When you set your mind to something when you have that kind of control over your mind you can do anything!!!

So in saying that we should ensure that our mind is always well taken care of, make sure you give yourself enough rest, take that time to clear your mind and re-group. Declutter your mind take away the fog. 

Imagine this huge fire burning and it’s burning flames are high and then suddenly the fire is put out, like our mind we it’s burning and burning and then it just says I have had enough and we breakdown, our body looses energy, we loose focus we feel lost and anxious.

The fire is out and what we left with is the smoke and it’s hard to see through that thick smoke as it was such a huge fire, so the more we fight the smoke the harder it gets to see. So what do we need to do, we need relax the mind allow that smoke to clear it will clear in it’s own time, but we need to relax our mind and give it time to clear and calm down, and not place so much of pressure on ourselves, take that time to allow the smoke to clear so that your mind can regroup and relax. 

Realize that putting so much pressure on the mind will always result in a burnout, do what you can, try your best, remember you are one human being you cannot do it all. You can only do so much. Have faith, have dreams. This is what keeps that mind motivated and determined. 

Stop filling it with all the problems only and all the stresses. Fill the mind with laughter, with joy with happiness, with dreams. 

And always remember that mental health is real, we all go through it, there is nothing wrong with taking care of it and prioritizing it and seeking help if you need it, after all just like if you have a heart problems you see a cardiologist if you have problems settling your mind you see a psychologist to help you.

Wishing you all a healthy mind always….

Sending love and light to all..

4 thoughts on “Mental wellbeing

  1. A very sensible approach. Within the family I have experience of severe mental health problems and I know that it’s still important to ride out the bad times and celebrate the good with all your heart. I have seen how very hard that can be. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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