How’s the week going..

My week started off on high and it was going great until this morning, woke up with an awful migraine, decided to just lie in, but then forced myself to wake up and help my little munchkin get ready for school, always amazes me how I can put that migraine to rest when it comes to making sure my little darling is taken care of, think it’s called mind over matter or maybe it’s just that instinct of being a mom…

Well whatever it is glad it kicked in😊.

Decided while I am up rather do my morning walk which was amazing, the migraine seems to have subsided on it’s own without any self medicating.

But still have that feeling can’t actually describe it except to say it’s that urrrggggg feeling, when all you feel like doing is nothing but you have to do so much.

Have to get ready for work, have loads of meetings.

Guess we all have these days, when we need more motivation to do the things we need to do.

What helps me through these day’s

  • is setting up sometime during the day to do my mini at home spa treatments, facials and bubble baths.
  • journalling more than my daily dose.
  • listening to some relaxing music
  • doing some deep breathing
  • eating really wholesome food
  • giving thanks to the universe to god
  • and smiling even if you have to force it out, it’s tricks that mind of mine to trust all is well.

Let me know how your week is going and what are your help me throughs?

Sending love and light to all of you!!!

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