It’s that feeling of happiness and bliss, that you feel from within. It’s the feeling of being grateful that gives you that feeling from within of being truly happy.

Life is filled with moments, how we choose to embrace those moments is ultimately up to each of us as living beings.

Sometimes we look for those big moments to experience and feel that joyful feeling but really it’s those little moments that will form those memories in your heart and mind that will be with you forever. 

That moment someone says thank you for making me feel good, that moment you say a silent prayer for someone and you hear they are doing well, it’s gives you a sense of gratefulness to know that person is feeling good and maybe you had something to do with it.

That moments of being kind to another, of giving your time to someone that moments by far out weigh any material feelings of giving. 

So often we think that we need to give our seniors, our elders fancy things or buy them gifts or treat them to holidays or material things.

But in reality giving of your time, your patience, your respect is actually all they want it’s actually all any one of us want, for it means more than any material gift can mean. 

Going to keep this one short, to be Joy-full to feel Joy-full, give a little bit of your time, and make sure the time is given wholeheartedly, even if it’s just to say thank you to someone and seeing them smile….

Tell me about your moment or moments of joys, let’s share…..

Sending love and light to all

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