How to do – Customer Service

It is the most important aspect of any job but it’s become the one thing that everyone has simply just put aside.

I am going to be blunt and completely honest, any one offering a service, no matter what industry you are in, be mindful of this very important fact, people do not need to come to you and buy from you. It is their choice!!! 

You are not doing them a favor as a matter of fact they are the ones that are doing you a favor. 

Treat your customers with respect and care this is how they stay loyal and will always choose to come back. 

It is actually sad but today you go to a restaurant and you need to look for your waiter or waitress, not all restaurants are like this. Some, very few though ensure that their staff is trained appropriately in customer service and care, these are the ones that are excelling in their industries. The ones that people wait months for a reservation. 

Then you have the retailers, you walk in and there is no one to help. When you do find someone they inform you sorry this is not my department I will send someone to help you and you wait for more than 15  minutes for someone to come and assist you. 

Companies need to realize that this is the problem, the staff on the ground they are the face of your brand, what they put out is what you will get in return. 

No matter how great the product, or the price, if the service is bad personally I will just walk out and rather spend a bit more but get that service .

Companies need to focus on training their staff, the staff that are interacting with the customers appropriately. They need to ensure that their staff is living the brand when they are at work, that they are giving the best service.

I walked past an ISTORE and it’s packed, there is a line to go in, I look at their service. The moment a customer enters there is someone to assist even if I don’t really need anything I will actually buy something just because of the caliber of service I am getting.

So some advise for those that are in Customer Service.

  1. Treat your customers with respect and care, for they are the reason your business is alive.
  2. Help, or at least try and help. Don’t leave your customers standing and waiting.
  3. Learn the products you selling, know what you talking about.
  4. Smile, this actually costs nothing but it’s so hard for people to smile and greet.
  5. Remember what you put out is what you get out. 
  6. Change your mind set, so you have 3 products to sell for this month, let me take my time and relax and sell it, rather tell yourself let me exceed and sell 100 more than I am supposed to so we order 97 more!!
  7. Reach above and beyond and the rewards will surely be above and beyond.
  8. If you do average your get average.
  9. If you do nothing you get nothing.
  10. So stop complaining and believing that you are doing your clients a favor by helping them. There are many of the same out there, what makes your brand the one that customers choose to walk into and return?

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