Raising our future

I think it’s important to know that telling your child something goes in one ear and often comes out the other. But showing them by your actions, these are lessons that no amount of talking can teach.

As parents we need to be that role model for our child, how we handle situations and how you treat others this is how our children will learn. 

Respecting others, respecting our elders. Being kind even when you getting nothing is return. Money is not everything, it’s important because you can’t survive on love so yes teaching them the importance of earning.

Teaching them the importance of self respect, honestly, drive and ambition. 

How do we do this as parents?

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Well we live these lessons, we teach by doing it ourselves. You can’t expect your child to respect others if you treat another badly and with out care and respect.  You can’t teach your child the importance of earning if you if you give them everything they want. You can’t teach honesty you need to show it, to live it. 

This is how I was taught by my mom and dad. That showing love to each other and sitting and talking over Sunday lunch is more important and special than going out to a fancy restaurant. 

When I look back I remember the great Sunday lunches, the moments my dad would sit up with me while I studied just to keep me company. 

I remember my mom sitting in the car waiting for my bus to come and making sure I got on okay and coming home with the bus and knowing she was there waiting for me. I remember the walks on the beach and up the mountain on a Sunday morning, challenging each other who would get there first. That was the competition, and getting to the top and looking at that magnificent view was the absolute reward. These are moments I remember and treasure. 

Raising our children to appreciate and value every moment we have together. 

Lets teach our children, to be the very best humans they can be, give them the freedom to become what they want to become, and show them not tell them, show them what being a good human being is all about. Show them what being strong and wise is. Show them how to be kind for only you can show them all this as parents. 

After all we are raising the future of the world….

Sending love and light to all

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