Creating our own lives

Why do we define our lives and what we supposed to achieve and when we supposed to achieve it by what others have done or what we believe society expects of us.

We are the society and we create our very own expectations. We are setting that bar to reach and we are placing that expectation on ourselves. 

So stop!! Take a step back and ask yourself what do I want?
What makes me happy and gives me joy?

Look at yourself and ask yourself these questions. Don’t place the blame on anyone for anything you doing, it’s your choice. Stop using the excuse that it’s what is expected of me by my parents, my husband, my wife my child. 

No it’s you. You have chosen what you are doing and it’s you that is doing it. So if it’s not what you want for yourself, then stop and relook at the path you on, and change it. 

If there is one thing that this pandemic has taught me it’s that life can change in an instant, and those things that were once at the top can very easily move to the bottom. 

So do what you want to do and don’t be afraid of disappointing people or of making mistakes. Mistakes are what helps us grow in the direction we need to grow. 

We have only one life and so why not make it what you want, define your own life and rules to follow for yourself. 

Don’t blame anyone for the life you have chosen to lead. Rather rejoice for the life you leading for it’s the one your have chosen to lead….

Sending love and light to all….

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