Life timeout, from our norm. 

Everyday we get accustomed to following a certain routine. We become set in doing things a certain way. Eventually it does become the norm. We do detour at times, but most often it’s a set way of what we do and how we do it. 

From working, to being a parent or being a husband/wife, to do doing things for yourself, all these follow a certain routine, it becomes our lifes routine. Even though it gives us the greatest of joys and happiness, think we just need to take a timeout.

My timeout is taking a day off from work or on a Sunday and just having a netflix day, a day to watch series and relax, not worry about anything. Initially it started off as a day I wanted to take to focus on blogging. But I realised maybe I needed a break from this too. Don’t get me wrong I love writing and sharing my thoughts and views and opinions but sometimes the brain just needs to do non brainer things, if that actually makes sense. 

Growing up I always remember that feeling of I can’t wait to be able to be responsible for myself, to provide for myself be independent. I worked really hard to achieve that.

It’s funny when you younger you can’t wait to grow up and when you older you wish you could just remove that stress of work from your shoulders, that feeling of not having to work so hard. Don’t get me wrong love what I do, but there are those days when I feel work has so much pressure just wish for that little but of a TIMEOUT. 

So I decided I am not going to wait for it. Once a week I take my timeout and relax. I am blessed with an amazing husband and daughter that allow me to just relax in bed watching my movies and reading my books.

It’s my most un-productive day in the week but it’s my most relaxing one. 
Think it’s important for us all to make time for our own TIMEOUTS, you need to, take a me day, do what you want to do or like me do nothing at all.

Whatever you decide it’s your day…..

Sending love and light to all.

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