Valentines day ….

For those that have found love even though I believe we should be showing our love each and everyday to each other and not just one day a year. Showing love is not about gifts and fancy restaurants, it’s about making sure that special person and all your loved one’s knows that you love them, that you support them in all their life’s choices and that no matter what they can count on you.

If you have not found your love as yet, then love and appreciate yourself, spoil yourself, or spoil your family your friends your pets. It’s a day of love so enjoy it and spread and share love.

It’s been a hard year 2020 and 2021, some may have had it harder than others. But for this day of love share the love in your heart, give a little love maybe it’s a smile or a kind word to someone that needs it.

Whatever it is spread some love on this day and see it as a beginning to continue sharing love in kindness.

Sending some extra love and light to all…

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