How do I – Prepare for a Interview

A few weeks ago I was part of a panel that conducted interviews. Strange times we find our selves in where interviews are now done via teams or zoom. Making it a little more difficult as you can’t really at times judge how well you doing in your interview.

But a few little pointers when going for an interview

  • As hard as it is try and relax before the interview,  there was a few candidates that we knew as they were internal so we new that they were really good, but they were so nervous and this came across so strongly, that it over powered everything else.
  • You going to be most probably be asked how you handle stressful situations, prepare for this by having an example at hand.
  • If it’s a YES/NO answer keep it yes/no.
  • Answer honestly, if you don’t know the answer there is nothing wrong in admitting you don’t know and asking for more details. This makes the interview interactive. Also shows the panel that you not afraid to ask for help.
  • Read your CV, make sure that what you have on your CV is what you know as chances are you will be asked about certain experiences on your CV.
  • Read up about the company, the technologies being used. 
  • How do you handle conflict, have an example of how you handled this in a working environment or a life experience?
  • Read the Job specification, it’s important to know what the position is about not just the JOB TITLE.
  • Prepare questions that you would like to ask.
  • Thank the panel!!

Sending love and light to all

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