How do I – Create my CV

So always remember when creating your CV this is your first impression and we usually only get one chance to make a first impression so make sure it’s great. 

The idea about the CV also depends upon the industry you in. The kind of job you applying for. These are important factors to take into consideration. 

If you are an IT professional here are some tips

  1. Have a skills table, the skill, the number of months/years and the scale of 1-5 for experience and comfortablilty, and be honest!!   
  2. List your experiences.
  3. Give examples of the projects you worked on, the roles you played during the project life cycle.
  4. If possible give examples of websites or projects you have been apart of.

If you are in Business Management, Sales Management, General Management

  1. List your achievements, what have your done that has defined you in your career lifetime. 
  2. Don’t be shy to mention about your targets and the sales revenue you have brought in for your company.
  3. What is your greatest acheivement in management.
  4. What is your managemnent style and why.
  5. What makes you the best in your field and what sets you aside from the rest.

If you are a Graduate and have just completed you studies or you still studying but need to get that experience.

  1. You need to ensure that your CV tells this story of who your are and what you want to acheive.
  2. You may not have the experience which is perfectly fine, but you have the drive and ambition and willingness to succeed. 
  3. There are many graduates our there, what sets you aside from the rest. 
  4. List the skills your have learnt during your studies, trhe experience you have gained during your years of studying. 
  5. What is your vision for your future?

One general point across all of this is your reference, make sure your choose great references, people that know you well and people that like you, this is very important. Your CV is great, the interview goes well, but the reference you chose, does not give you the recognition that you truly deserve. 

So make sure you choose the right references to have on your CV.

All the best.

Sending love and light to all..

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