My blessings may be anothers curse

Ever really thought of this. Sometimes we achieve something and get the recognition for it and get the promotion for it, but there is also someone else who works equally as hard, achieves the same, but maybe on this particular day and this particular time, in this place and with this person you did something that made the impression that was needed for you to progress, ever thought of it this way?

Another example is our climate is so dry this time of the year, the grass is drying up and everything looks dryed out, so I wish for rain and so it comes and I count this as my blessing, but then you have the less fortunate who don’t have a roof over their head and this rain is an absolute curse for them as they cold and can’t be warm enough to sleep. 

So is it wrong then to be grateful for your blessing while it’s another’s curse. 

I don’t think so, it is sad yes that my joy and happy moment brings so much unhappiness to another, but your receiving this joy it’s yours enjoy it and don’t feel bad, think because we are human we do feel empathy for the one that is caught in the rain with no shelter, but maybe instead of feeling bad, try and help to do something to help the person who is on the other end of the blessing.

But never feel bad about your own blessings and achievement. It was meant for you to be where you were and acheive what you have achieved, be proud of that and enjoy that moment. You can always help others, but don’t take away your blessings because you feel others pains, that helps no one!!

Rather focus that energy on finding a way to help, I don’t think we can always solve all of the worlds problems and help people with everything , but I think we can try and do a little bit which will always go a long way.

Sending love and light to all.

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