Negative/Positive Programming

I think we all do this. We negatively program ourselves. Yes there are definately nasty people that exists, and they do cross our paths and say and do things that makes us feel bad. But I do think that we allow them to. 

When someone is nasty to you or treats you badly it’s usually a reflection of themselves that they are projecting outwardly. They feel this way and so they want you to feel the same. But we have the choice not to allow this to have a profound impact on us. 

The reason it does is becuase we program ourselves negatively, if you knew that you have this dream and you are working hard to acheive it and someone comes and tells you that you not going to or your dreams is not achievable, becuase you already have these thoughts and feel these thoughts that is why what they have said affects you. You have already programmed that negative thoughts in yourself. 

So just as you are capable of negative programming yourself so too are you capable of doing some POSITIVE programming. 

You have a dream or a goal and sure there will be hurdles that you will need to over come but accept this as part of the journey to your success, see it as your experience to get to where you want to and accomplish what you need to.

There will always be obstacles in life. We don’t live in this world alone we share it it with everyone else, and there is always going to be people that really don’t have your best interest at heart,  but that is fine, see those people as your obstacles on your journey and know that when you have programmed your self positively, you won’t allow these obstacles to overwhelm and control you. 

You will jump over them and continue on your journey to your success.

Sending love and light to all

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