Being grateful

I have started reading the book the The Magic, it’s a different kind of book, in the sense that it requires some work for 28 days. But it’s a good book. 

Everyday I need to write 10 things I am grateful for and why first thing in the morning, I think the first 3 days was easy listing all the things I am grateful for and why and giving thanks for each of them, but by the forth day I did struggle a bit, then I realised that maybe, just maybe I should not think of the big things but look at the little things and then I was on a roll. 

Writing all these little things that I am grateful for felt so good, it made me feel so amazingly blessed to have all these wonderful little things that I never really looked at as my blessing in life and to actually feel that grateful and thankful feeling. 

Some of the things I never really thought of like, the hands I have, the mouth I am blessed with, the eyes I have, the clothes I am wearing the, the hot water I have to bath, the clean water I have to drink. Oh I can go on and on now. But all these are my blessings and I am truly grateful for each of them.

Then I needed to find a little stone a small one and every night I needed to hold this little stone in my hand and go through my entire day and holding this stone feel eternally grateful for one single thing that truly stood out during the day. This was a lovely excersise as it made me relook at my entire day and look at that single moment that really stood out to be my most grateful of all of my day’s events. 

Such simple exercises but they made me feel so happy and so good. 

We never really look at all the little blessings we have that we should be eternally grateful to have, we always seem to work towards more, to want more and that is not wrong, but it’s good to simply just sit back and be grateful for all we have, count your blessings. 

Take the time to give thanks, to feel grateful and thankful for each of our blessings. 

What’s the little blessings you are grateful for ?

Sending love and light to all.

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