We all have our own manual of life

Everyone has there own perception and way of thinking that this is how something should be, this is how one’s life should flow. Many a times people try and pass this off as this is the way things should work. It’s almost as if they have this manual of life with instructions, and somehow you missed yours either it got lost in the mail or it’s still on it’s way to you.

But often I see this. 

You need to go to school, you need to do well, you need to study hard, you need to get a good qualification, and then get a good job and get married and so it goes. 

But who really makes all these rules!

I think it’s important being a parent to instill good values in your child, to give them the tools to enable them to make their own decisions in life for themselves. 

We are all different human beings, I know people who have not completed their schooling but have become amazing business men or woman, then I know people who have their degrees, but struggle to make decisions about their live. 

We are all different and we all have different lives and the most important thing I feel is that we need to respect that in each other.

Even though what works well for you may not work at all for me, does not mean you are right and I am wrong. It just means my book of life is a bit different to yours. So what is the normal for you may not be the normal for me and that is absolutely fine. 

Imagine how boring it would be if we all were the same, following the same things and doing exactly the same thing!! Can you just imagine, a bunch of robots!! 

So respect each other and respect what the other person is and what they do. You will find that even though the path to get there is different to yours, the end result or destination is the same.

Sending love and light to all

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