Am I half empty or half full

A question to ponder about? There are times when we think we know it all and our resistance to want to learn more or experience more becomes more heightened.

We feel we have done this, we know the answer even before the questions asked. So we half full and are not willing to learn more or know more.

Feeling this way I beleive prevents us from learning so much. You can never know everything, there is always something new learn no matter the circumstance and it is entirely up to us if we allow ourselves to learn and take in the knowledge of the situation presented.

It could be in our work environment, maybe it’s not us maybe it’s a collegue that refuses to learn anything new, they are dead set against change and new ways of doing things, they so full that there is no place for anything new.

This is a problem in alot of work situations. People are so used to doing things in a certain way and they so set in their way’s that they see nothing else, this is why there is much conflict in our work environment, because if every one was willing to share there knowledge and learn from each other teams would be more successfull, projects would be more successfully.

There will be less conflicts and more achievements. 

So personally I think it’s always good to be half empty, this way you open to accept new ideas and you open to listen to people, both in your work or personal capacity. 

There is so much that we can learn from each other, if we just willing to accept that we never know it all and open our selves up to learn new things, new experiences. We will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. 

It’s just seeing things differently.

So are you half full or half empty today?

Sending love and light to all.

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