What you think so to you become

How true is this? Without even knowing you think about something and you start moving in the direction of your thoughts, your actions, your words they all start to move in this direction, why well because this is what you thinking, this is what is on your mind? 

Then you ask yourself how did I get here, why am I here, how did I become this person. Well the simple truth is you become who you want to become. 

When you want something in life, when you want to achieve something in your life, it’s only you that can actually make it happen, yes sure you may need help from others but, it’s you that makes the decision to move forward or not too.

Even though sometimes you may feel as if someone or something is holding you back. The reality is it’s your own self, it is your own mind that is stopping you.  When you think positive thoughts, so you wake in this great mood and you feel good and then someone comes along and just upsets the positive mood, it can be someone at work or at home, do you blame that person!!

No, it’s you, yes you started on that positive mood, it’s your mood, if you want to keep it positive and continue with it for the day and week, you need to do so, and train your mind not to allow anything or anyone to redirect that positivity. 

I think I have failed in this more times than I have succeeded over the years, but I realise that no one is responsible for who I am and what I am and how I feel, this is all on me. Happines, sadness, joy peace, love hate, these are all emotions in life, and yes we feel them. 


Today a collegue pinged me and asked me a work related question, and I just responded, I did not say hello how how doing, I was distracted as I was in a meeting and answering this message on the side, but once I realised that I had not greeted I apologised and they said no problem. But they said to me YOU MUST HATE ME! I thought to myself really do I actually make you think that, I suppose I am hard on people when they ask me the same questions all day long and don’t follow the right way of doing things, but HATE is such strong word, so I responded I could never hate anyone. Just made me think, maybe I need to practice a bit more kindness, becuse even though I think I am kind maybe my actions at times comes accross as not so kind. 

So we need to think of what we want to become and we also need to practice what we thinking so that we become who and what we want to become. 

Sending love and light to all

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