Loving who we are

In order to love anyone we need to first love ourselves. We go through so many things in our lives, some good and some not so good. These are the experiences of our life and shape us in becoming the person we are right now in this moment.

There are moments that we doubt who we are what we want. We all go through this, it’s all part of our journey of life. We have these experiences of extreme joy and extreme sadness.

When we questions ourselves and what we doing? Is this what I want, is this who I want to be? Whe have our dreams and our goals and we achieve them and then we have more dreams and more goals and it continues as we continue on this journey of life.

Sometimes the goals and dreams are more spiritual in nature than material world achievements. 
Whatever the dreams and goals that resides in our hearts and minds we do everything to acheive them. This becomes our journey of life, sometimes there are hurdles and hard choices, sometimes there is so much joy it’s hard to contain. 

But no matter all of this, no matter what and where we are in our journey of life, the most important part of this journey of life and the stage you in is to love who you are

Be proud of you. Love who you are. Know that the experiences you are going through, joyous or hardships, peacefullness or turmoil, happiness or sadness, this is all your experiences of your life and these experiences will shape you in to the person you meant to become.

No matter the moment you finding yourself in, always, always love who you are and be proud of you. 

Sending love and light to all

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